On-site / Holistic & Wellness


Ear candles are a gentle, soothing and natural therapy to help relieve wax from the ears and help with sinus related issues. As the candle burns, you will receive a soothing scalp and pressure point massage, helping you to create a state of peace. 

Please note the following age restrictions:
14 years and above - must be accompanied by parent or guardian
16 years and above - no chaperone required 

Key Information

  • Please arrive 10 minute before your treatment time
  • 45 minute treatment £60

How To Book

For bookings, please contact a member of the team: treatments@themoleresort.co.uk

Massage / Holistic & Wellness


Your therapist will gently rest or hover their hands over the body, administering ‘Rei’ meaning universal and ‘Ki’ meaning life force energy, that helps to kick start the body’s own natural self-healing process. 

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Indian Head Massage

This combination helps relieve tension around the shoulders, neck, scalp and forehead for an ultimate de-stress. 

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Please note our lodges have a minimum 2 night length stay.
If you’d like to book more than 5 lodges or hotel rooms, please call our team on +44 (0) 1769 540561